Task Force Trojan Horse TOA ceremony

Task Force Trojan Horse conducts its transfer of authority ceremony May 29 in Afghanistan.

Courtesy photo

LOGAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan — The 8th Engineer Battalion, 36th Engineer Brigade, officially took control and responsibility of engineer operations in eastern Afghanistan, with the final transfer of authority to the 87th Sapper Company at Foward Operating Base Airborne on June 4. The battalion, known as Task Force Trojan Horse, is confident in their skills and prepared to execute the mission ahead.

“Everyone is working hard at their respective missions, and we also continue to train in order to sharpen our skills,” said Lt. Col. Mark Geraldi, battalion commander. “I am extremely proud of our new, expanded Trojan Horse Team.”

Their task force is a combination of organic units already assigned to the battalion, and several additional units from across the Army. The battalion’s Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Forward Support Company, 59th Engineer Company and 87th Engineer Company are being joined by 40th Mobility Augmentation Company, 57th Sapper Company, 402nd Sapper Company and 850th Horizontal Construction Company.

Task Force Trojan Horse replaced and will continue the mission of Task Force Die Hard, led by the 1st Engineer Battalion out of Fort Riley, Kan.

In the coming months, Task Force Trojan Horse must build supportive relationships with their partnered Afghan National Army units, in order to provide adequate training and mentorship on engineer operations. They must also answer to the call of all maneuver units requiring route clearance in Regional Command-East, in order to allow freedom of maneuver and eliminate the threat of improvised explosive devices.

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