Spc. Victor P. Valdez, 33, is a multi-channel transmissions operator/maintainer for III Corps. He is currently deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan, and has previously deployed to Camp Victory, Iraq.

Favorite thing about the military: “The people you meet. Both deployments have been with multinational forces so I’ve (been able) to meet all different types of people from different nations with different cultural backgrounds. (I have also had) different training experiences and weapons training (and like) getting paid to be fit.

Things the Army taught you: “Teamwork (and) how to get along with people. I’ve learned a little bit of everything. I’m a communications soldier, but I’ve learned supply and facilities maintenance, and I’m also the armorer for Charlie Company.”

What inspired you to be a soldier?

“I come from a military family. My father enlisted and served in the Air Force.”

What’s this deployment been like?

“It’s been very different working in a headquarters with so many high-ranking people.”

What do you enjoy most about your deployment and the mission you’re supporting?

“My job currently is supply. I have to make sure everybody has their supplies and everything ... they need for their operational needs. I’m also the facilities person, so I have to make sure that the whole compound is up and running and operational, like electricity, sandbags, force protection, T-wall barriers. It makes me feel important.”

What do you miss most about Fort Hood and your family?

“My baby girl. I’ve got a little, 6-month-old baby girl. I also have two boys, (Rayden and Poseidon). She’s new to the world. Her name is Freyja.”

Compiled by Sarah Rafique

and Master Sgt. Jacob Caldwell

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