From the May 5 issue:

Jungle School for soldiers — and a tab

Soldiers are wanted for the Army’s new jungle school, where they will wear old-school BDUs, spend three weeks in the tropics and earn the Jungle Expert tab — if they can hack it.

The Jungle Operations Training Course is open to the Army, not just to grunts in the Pacific.

Your trip to Hawaii won’t be a vacation. It’s a whole new challenge. And it sure isn’t Afghanistan.

See the details in this week’s issue of Army Times, on newsstands now.

Closing brigade combat teams

The Army is dismantling 10 brigade combat teams by the end of next year. Three have been inactivated with seven more to go. Find out which ones are passing into history, and what the inactivations will mean for the soldiers and their families as the brigades shut down and leave them needing a place to go.

For the time line and the plans, see Army Times this week.

Promotion rules

Soldiers know that being competitive for promotion is more important than ever, now that the Army is slimming down.

But many rules and criteria they need to know for promotion to sergeant and staff sergeant aren’t in the regs. The most recent have come out in Army messages.

To help you stay up to date, Army Times has compiled the rules you need to know. See all the criteria in this week’s Army Times.

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