60,000 tied to new missions

Roughly 60,000 soldiers were tapped to cover a variety of global missions — and any problems that may arise — in five regions throughout fiscal 2014.

And that is just the beginning. Army leadership said another 20,000 soldiers will be involved in 3,000 unspecified activities. U.S. Northern Command will also tap 1,100 soldiers for 180 activities in four countries.

In case you lost count, that’s 5,640 activities in 162 countries — in one year.

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Division restarts jungle school

The 25th Infantry Division is resurrecting the Army’s jungle school as it returns to its roots of fighting and moving in the jungle.

The Hawaii-based division was regionally aligned with U.S. Pacific Command as part of the Defense Department’s rebalance toward the Asia-Pacific region, and the Army’s effort to align its units with regional combatant commands around the world.

With the end of operations in Iraq and the drawdown in Afghanistan, the 25th Infantry Division is available to work closely with America’s Asia-Pacific allies and focus on a type of warfare the Army hasn’t experienced since the Vietnam War.

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Army reality show puts ‘prospects,’ NCOs in spotlight

To reach prospective recruits and their parents, the Army is airing reality show-style TV commercials in which prospects train beside actual soldiers.

Thirty-minute episodes of “Starting Strong,” began airing Sunday on 16 Fox affiliates and on the Army’s YouTube channel.

The 10-episode series was produced by the Army Marketing and Resource Group and directed by actor, director and producer Rick Schroder.

Read all about the show in Monday’s issue of Army Times.


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