Official Army sneakers?

The Defense Department is shopping for shoes — new athletic shoes that are 100 percent made in America. DoD put the word out to shoe makers in industry to come forward if they can make a shoe that’s all American.

The Army would issue the new, official shoes to its recruits in basic training. Find out what the plans are for soldiers already buying their own running shoes.

Read more in this week’s Army Times.

Leaving active duty? The reserves want you

A bunch of incentives are yours for the taking if you are an active-duty soldier leaving the Army and decide to join the National Guard or Army Reserve: bonuses, early outs, chances to retrain or to go warrant officer. You can also take advantage of several benefits you would lose by leaving the Army.

The Guard and Reserve are launching a new pilot program called 365 AC to RC that offers a wide range of reasons to stay in uniform.

See the details in this week’s Army Times, on newsstands now.

Life-saving sponges

Small, sterile sponges that can be injected into a wound can prevent soldiers from bleeding to death, say researchers working on technology funded by the Army.

Once the sponges are injected through a syringe, bleeding can be stopped in 15 seconds, researchers say. The new technology can save lives on the battlefield, and get medics to the wounded warrior faster, they say.

Find out more in this week’s issue of Army Times.

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