Rate your leaders: Dempsey wants bad bosses exposed

The Pentagon’s top brass has agreed to adopt widespread use of “360-degree” reviews for officers across all military services in the most far-reaching effort yet to root out “toxic leaders” before they reach senior ranks.

Exactly how each service will institutionalize the controversial evaluation tool remains to be seen. Each is studying the issue and will draft its own plan to draw evaluations not only from superiors in the chain of command but also from peers and subordinates. The aim: to provide a complete picture of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses as seen from every angle in the chain of command.

Learn more in the latest Army Times.

Reclass now and save career

A new program gives senior commanders the authority to re-enlist some soldiers in overstrength military occupational specialties who otherwise may reclassify or leave the Army. The Commanders Allocation Process is a prime example of how commanders will continue to play a critical role in the re-enlistment process during a drawdown expected to see the Army shrink by another 50,000 soldiers in four years.

The program is targeted at junior enlisted soldiers in specialties identified as overstrength in the in/out reclassification calls.

The targeted MOSs include nine combat arms, combat support and combat service support fields.

Read all about the program in Army Times.

9,500 Guardsmen will not deploy

Almost 9,500 Army National Guard soldiers were off-ramped from overseas deployments in fiscal 2013 and 2014, raising concerns among the Guard and its advocates that the reserve component will be left out as the Army transitions from 12 years of war amid ongoing budget cuts. About 41 Army Guard units were off-ramped from missions in places such as the Horn of Africa, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Kuwait and the Sinai, said Rick Breitenfeldt, a National Guard Bureau spokesman.

See what’s next for the Guard in Monday’s issue of Army Times.

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