A new generation of heroes racks up top valor medals

With the war in Afghanistan winding down, Military Times has written up history’s first draft on this generation’s most highly decorated war heroes.

It’s not as simple as just embracing the list of 11 service members who have received the Medal of Honor.

Discussions about the “most highly decorated” must include those who have earned more than one of the nation’s highest valor awards.

How many warriors of the post-9/11 era showed the kind of courage and bravery it takes to receive one of the nation’s highest combat valor medals and waded back into the fight to perform another standout act of heroism in view of witnesses and supported by leaders who bothered to write up an award nomination?

Find out who the 10 most highly decorated heroes of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are in the Sept. 16 issue of Army Times, on sale now.

Obama moves to cut military pay raise to 1 percent in January

President Barack Obama is using his executive powers to improve the odds of service members getting a 1 percent pay raise Jan. 1.

That is not good news for troops, because a pay formula enacted in 1990 and still in the books would provide a 1.8 percent raise in January to keep pace with average wage growth in the private sector.

Obama’s action is neither unexpected nor final, but it sets a default where the 1 percent raise is all the military will get unless Congress passes and Obama signs legislation authorizing a different amount.

Find out why the Obama administration is asking for a 1 percent raise in this week’s issue of the Army Times.

Combatives takes a hit: Army looks to cancel most of the program

Planned changes to combatives training have proponents fighting for the program’s survival and the “life-or-death” skills it teaches.

The hand-to-hand skills save lives, and lives are at risk without those abilities developed over the course of the combatives program, they say.

The Modern Army Combatives Program, headquartered at Fort Benning, Ga., consists of four skill-level courses — a weeklong basic course, a two-week tactical course, and a basic combatives instructor course and a tactical combatives instructor course, each of which is four weeks long.

Proposals from Training and Doctrine Command call for eliminating all four levels of training and creating a master combatives trainer course.

Find out how long officials at the combatives school have to come up with a new curriculum, and how much shorter the new course would be in the Sept. 16 issue of Army Times, which is on newsstands now.

Outside the Wire

Urban Outfitters used Army rank and unit patches to make a fashion statement.

Find out what military folks had to say at the Army Times Outside the Wire blog at http://blogs.militarytimes.com/outside-the-wire/

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