Dumb things civilians say to soldiers

A soldier walks into a bar, sits down and meets a civilian. The civilian asks him, “So, have you ever killed anybody?”

Sounds like a joke, but it isn’t.

Soldiers say that’s one of the most outrageous questions civilians ask them, out of all of the ridiculous questions they hear.

Inspired by a YouTube video called “S—- Civilians Say to Veterans,” Army Times asked soldiers about the strangest, stupidest questions or comments they’ve had from civilians about their service.

Many answered. Their experiences reveal the scary truth of just how much civilians don’t get about being a soldier.

For a rundown of more bone-headed questions see the Sept. 23 issue of Army Times, on sale now. And to share the outrageous things civilians have said to you tweet @ArmyTimes using #civilianssay.

Troops on Syria campaign: No way

President Obama’s march to the brink of war has revealed a deep skepticism inside the U.S. military, where a majority of troops appear to think military strikes against Syria are a bad idea.

“I haven’t heard one single person be supportive of it,” said an Army staff sergeant at Fort Hood, who asked not to be identified.

A Military Times survey of more than 900 active-duty troops Sept. 9-11 found service members oppose military action in Syria by a wide margin.

Troops are not in favor of airstrikes in response to reports the Syrian government used chemical weapons to kill its people.

Find out the percentage of troops who oppose a military strike, and their reasons why, in this week’s Army Times.

Sergeant is first visibly tattooed Miss America contestant

Theresa Vail, the first contestant in the history of the Miss America pageant with visible tattoos, is a member of the Kansas Army National Guard’s Medical Detachment.

Vail, 22, revealed two tattoos during the swimsuit portion of the competition Sept. 10 — the Serenity Prayer on her right side and the insignia of the U.S. Army Dental Corps on her left shoulder.

Vail said the military medical insignia, while smaller than the prayer, is as significant to her.

“Why am I choosing to bare my tattoos?” Vail said in her blog.

She might not have won Miss America but this soldier has a message, find out more in this week’s edition of the Army Times.

Outside the Wire

A video of college students harassing retired Army Gen. David Petraeus on his first day teaching a class at the City University of New York, has soldiers and veterans fuming.

See the video: Army Times Outside the Wire blog at http://blogs.militarytimes.com/outside-the-wire/

Courtesy of Army Times

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