Push for pullups

Soldiers say there’s a better way to measure fitness for combat than their current PT test: Put pullups in the fitness test instead of pushups.

Find out why some soldiers say pullups are better, plus several more ideas from soldiers for improving the way the Army determines who is fit to fight.

Also, see an update on the Army’s study of what it takes to perform the tasks troops do every day. Read all this in Army Times, on newsstands now.

Fort Hood and the gun debate

The recent shooting on Fort Hood has ignited a debate over whether soldiers should be allowed to carry guns on post, and prompted soldiers and lawmakers to call for a change to the rules to allow them to bring concealed weapons onto Army installations.

Soldiers say it’s a matter of being able to defend themselves on their own posts, and being trusted that if they can handle weapons in combat, they can at home, too.

One soldier spoke about the active-shooter briefing he and fellow soldiers had. “The briefing told us to shut the door, turn off the light and hide behind the desk. And do what? Pray that someone with a gun comes to save me?” he said.

Find out more in Army Times this week.

Medical files may be at risk

People may be illegally snooping into your electronic medical files, and officials say breeches of medical records are on the rise.

Service members say they are frustrated and angry about the violations of privacy, and Tricare beneficiaries are concerned about their vulnerability.

Find out what you can do if you think your records have been accessed illegally.

See the details in Army Times.

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