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Congress could reconsider military pension cut this month

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CombatRescue: After reading Paul Ryan's Oped in USA Today: "Retirement pay can't take over defense budget" it is clearly obvious that he and Patty Murray just don't get it. The "Real Issue" with their plan to reduce the Military Retirement COLA is "The Principal Of The Thing", its about Honor and Keeping Your Word. The U.S. Government had a Contract with the Veterans for their service, The Veterans kept their end of the bargain and now the Government wants to refuse to live up to their obligations in the deal after the job has already been done. The Orwellian idea that an employee should forfeit their hard earned retirement for the betterment of their employer, sounds more like a policy of the foreign regimes that the Troops have spent their careers defending the United States against. Our U.S Government Elected Officials wrap themselves in Red, White & Blue and Shout "Support the Troops", but appallingly "Picked the Pockets" of those same Afghanistan & Iraq Combat Era Veterans when they thought no one was looking by their vote to reduce Veterans Military Retirement Benefits. They have turned their back on those servicemen they hail, to avoid having to pay the bill for the promise made to Servicemen when they joined up that they would be "GRANDFATHERED" for any changes to the retirement system. The President has done the same by signing into Law their "Bait & Switch" Bill they just passed taking back the Annual Military Retirement COLA promised to the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, & Coast Guardsmen of this country who volunteered to fight & support the decade long wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in case the Congress and the President have forgotten. Those same American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, & Coast Guardsmen serve because the man or woman next to him or her is depending on them. They share an unmatched level of trust in one another, and are truly each others Guardian Angels. This is only the beginning of the assault on their hard earned benefits. Veterans must remember what they can expect from the same folks that during the government shutdown denied an array of financial benefits including death gratuity payments to the families of troops killed in combat, training, or by other causes in the military, until finally a private foundation Fisher House stood up to do what was right and take care of the U.S. Government's Responsibility to the men & women in uniform because the politicians would not. Vague assurances of correcting the problem in the future by Congress hold little weight based on their past performances. Honor it seems has no meaning anymore to our U.S Government Elected Officials or the sacrifices of the troops as they are stiffing the troops on paying the tab for a job well done. I do not have the words to express my disillusionment with my own government after having served over 30 years of military service in Combat Rescue for stealing the money out of the pockets of those 1% of the population fighting for their country that I helped rescue overseas who are being singled out unfairly to bear the brunt of paying the Federal Government's Bills after all they have done for America.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014, 1:21 pm