Fort Hood Family Housing is seeking residents interested in becoming a village mayor and serving as the “voice of the community.”

Mayors help make sure quality of life is maintained, sustained and constantly improving for all housing residents.

They advocate military programs and services to residents and let them know where to get resources to take care of their families.

“Mayors help make a positive change in the villages,” said Susan Burrow, chief of Housing Services Office.

“They are the liaison between the garrison staff and the residents of their community in helping keep the Great Place the ‘Safe Place.’”

Mayors also take active roles in organizing community events and village town hall meetings and working with residents to identify community needs and issues and reporting them to the attention of the regional community life officer and installation Community Life Office.

McNair Village Mayor Carol Parker has enjoyed volunteering and giving back in her community and plans to run again.

“I love being involved in the monthly community events, encouraging and increasing residents’ recycling efforts, and just doing anything I can to help families enjoy living on the installation the way mine does,” Parker said.

“Mayors are important to each village because they help residents communicate concerns and ideas to housing and to III Corps.”

Annually, Fort Hood Family Housing hosts mayoral elections for terms that run from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31. Interested Fort Hood residents are encouraged to submit an application to their community life buildings by Friday.

Fort Hood Family Housing residents can cast their votes at their respective community life buildings on Nov. 2.

Residents will have the option to vote online on election day at

Contact your community life noncommissioned officer or community manager for more information on the mayor program.

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