About 30 soldiers from the 3rd “Gladiator” Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, participated in a 250-mile motorcycle mentorship ride April 5.

Sgt. 1st Class Torres Carr, a motorcycle rider with more than 19 years of riding experience and a soldier assigned to the Gladiator Battalion, led the mentorship ride.

The group included experienced riders like Gladiator Command Sgt. Maj. Michael R. Williams, with about 30 years of riding experience, to two soldiers with less than one year of experience.

The day included much more than the scenic ride from Fort Hood, south to Taylor and back to the Gladiators’ home base.

Before the riders took off on their mentorship ride they conducted safety checks, attended a safety briefing led by Carr, and a follow-up briefing from Williams in the battalion parking lot.

Topics discussed included proper maintenance of the bikes, techniques used for safe and effective riding, rules of the road, and rules unique to military riders.

“We will be watching you and you will be watching each other to make sure we all ride safely,” Williams said. “We will conduct an AAR (after action review) when we get back and discuss what happened along the way.”

Aside from being a quarterly requirement, the ride is a chance for senior and junior riders to build unit cohesion, find mentors for safer riding, and overall enhance the unit’s safety and readiness.

“This is my first mentorship ride,” said Spc. Carl Czadzeck. “I’m looking forward to just getting out there and riding.”

The group stopped in Taylor and enjoyed lunch before heading back to Fort Hood.

It’s the goal of the Gladiators as a team, and the need by each individual rider, to become as safe as possible and at the same time enjoy the ride responsibly, Deblaey said.

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