Dodging drawdown: Tips to stay in uniform

The planned drawdown of up to 80,000 soldiers over the next five years will have far-reaching implications that will affect nearly every facet of Army life and service.

Another 100,000 soldiers will be on the chopping block under sequestration, which if enacted would call for much deeper cuts in defense spending, unless Congress acts — an effort that has thus far proved futile.

The Sept. 24th issue of Army Times, now on the newsstands, looks at how the Army plans to make troops cuts, who is vulnerable and what soldiers need to know.

DoD revamps fees for military child care

New child care fees will be a mixed bag for families seeking care on military installations: Some will pay more, some less, depending on the fees that their installations previously charged.

Defense officials have increased the minimum fee for each of the nine income categories by $1 to $7, Army Times reports, with the highest increases coming at the bottom of the scale. But they’re also decreasing the maximum fee by $1 to $2 for the six income categories that still have fee ranges. DoD also has added a new wrinkle to its fee structure: a “low-fee” option that installations may apply for if their child care operating costs are low, and the costs for comparable child care in the nearby civilian community are significantly lower.

Pin-up boosts sales of charity calendar

Controversy over a lieutenant colonel’s wife posing for a racy pin-up calendar has sparked an investigation at Fort Greely, Alaska; drawn attention at the Army’s highest levels for the remote post; and unexpectedly given calendar sales a massive boost.

A group of women from Fort Greely and the small, nearby town of Delta Junction created the retro calendar to raise money for the American Cancer Society, and they say they are excited at the attention it has received.

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