Meadows student council

Meadows Elementary School counselor Misti Wetzel introduces the school's first slate of officers for its first student council during an induction Dec. 10 in the school library. Nearest the podium is president Hope Simpson, along with vice president Alina Salazar and secretary Janessa Person. All are fifth-graders.

The first slate of officers for the first student council at Meadows Elementary School lit candles in an inaugural induction ceremony Dec. 10, committing to guide peers as student leaders.

Parents and teachers gathered in the library after school for the induction.

Killeen Independent School District Deputy Superintendent John Craft suggested clues to effective leadership.

He told the freshly nominated fifth-grade leaders to show their confidence, but not be overconfident, to be committed to their task, to lead with courage, and to let their character guide them.

School counselors and student council advisors Misti Wetzel and Dennette Gardner inducted Hope Simpson, president, Alina Salazar, vice president, Janessa Person, secretary, Jack Norris, treasurer, and Faith Redden, historian.

Student representatives from each fourth- and fifth-grade class also switched on candles and recited oaths to serve as official classroom leaders.

“Fun, scary and everything” is how Hope described her feelings as the first-ever Meadows student council president.

She said the council is already leading the school’s recycling program, picking up goods from each classroom. The fourth- and fifth-grade leaders also plan to develop a mentor program.

Officers meet with principal Sara Watson monthly to discuss project ideas and then report back to their own classes to share information with classmates.

“We all have special responsibilities,” Hope said. “We’re important in our own ways.”

Meeting and organizing activities will help participants to learn speaking skills, to grow in confidence and to display values like responsibility, Wetzel said.

“They are their classes’ voice and they bring their ideas to us.”

Teachers nominated the first slate of officers and representatives based on academic performance, attendance and responsibility, but the students will face elections in the spring.

“They have proven their desire to assume responsibility,” Wetzel said. “They understand they are student leaders and role models.”

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