I spent time with my daughter and her family recently and, as she prepares to leave her 20’s behind, I marvel at the woman, mother and wife she has become.

One of the best things for senior Army spouses is the opportunities we have to be advocates for our Army families. It is a privilege and a joy for me.

It’s the last week of December, the last few days of 2016. I don’t know about you, but once again it feels like the year went by too fast.

Americans are extremely generous — this is especially evident after disasters occur anywhere in our country and, often, in the world beyond our borders. It is a given after an earthquake, hurricane, flood, fire and other catastrophic events that the money will start pouring in from concerned…

First, let me make it clear that I don’t believe spirituality is about religion. I believe spirituality could be described in the words our Founding Fathers — enshrined in our Declaration of Independence — as “the pursuit of happiness.”

“There is no greater love than this, there is no greater gift that could ever be given: to be willing to die so another might live — there is no greater love than this.”

The following are my reflections from last year after visiting the soldiers’ boots display from the Fisher House Hero & Remembrance Run, Walk or Roll. The boots are assembled in front of Fort Hood’s III Corps Headquarters immediately following the event. This year, the third at Fort Hood…

Recently I’ve seen a lot of pictures on my friends’ Facebook pages of the “First Day of School” variety. I have a clear, though somewhat distant, memory of that time of the year with my own kids.

I have been sort of discouraged lately observing the way things are going in our world. Maybe that’s because I am of a “certain age.”

I had the privilege of speaking before a basketball gym’s worth of Fort Hood soldiers recently. I was asked by our Suicide Prevention program manager, Sharon Sutton, to speak at the opening of their second annual Resiliency Day. I was very honored to have done so, but also delightfully surpr…

Lately I’ve been thinking that life is a lot like the weather. There are good days, bad days, times of the day that are more pleasant than others.

My husband and I have raised a couple of kids who are, in fact, no longer kids. The eldest, our daughter, is heading toward 30 and is married with two little ones of her own; our son is engaged to be married and just a few years younger.

Military spouses are determined, strong yet flexible. We are hopeful, patriotic and selfless in that we are willing and proud to send our service member into harm’s way, and far away, to defend our country and our freedoms.

Over the years, my husband has been gone quite a bit and we miss each other a lot, even after 32 years of marriage. Or maybe because of that fact and because this is our eighth deployment!

I have been doing this Army wife “gig” for a long time and have had the honor and privilege of serving beside Army spouses throughout — for 32 years. This is for you.

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