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Last week I met a young woman who is currently dating a Fort Hood soldier. After talking with her briefly, I had flashbacks of myself from over two decades ago. As I drove home, though, I wondered what advice I would give my girlfriend-self, before marrying my soldier husband.

One of the first military spouse coffees I attended included a class that started with, “I know things are changing in the Army, but not here in the 82nd Airborne.”

To say that living the military life can be challenging would be huge understatement. My husband and I just celebrated our 24th anniversary, in our 14th address. We have three boys, two with disabilities. Our oldest son will be a senior in high school this year, spending the year in his 12th…

The other day I brought my younger son and his friend to the Club Hood swimming pool. As I was setting up my “lounging station,” I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation between two youngish moms with their kids in tow.

Well, it’s swimsuit season again — a yearly ritual that brings dread to many a woman’s heart, including mine. With swimsuits comes worry over one’s weight, and since nearly two-thirds of Americans are either overweight or obese, this is becoming a very big deal, no pun intended.

It is Monday morning and I am enjoying the silence of my house… for another three and a half days. 

Last Monday, the boys and I had just finished lunch at a local restaurant and were in the car ready to head to Target when my cellphone rang.

The other day on the way home from walking my son to school, I stopped at Bronco Youth Center to watch a group of soldiers doing physical training. They were playing flag football and clearly having a blast. 

I just learned that one of my Facebook friend’s late mother-in-law is the sister of Betty MacDonald.

It’s safe to say that the Duchess of Cambridge is going to have a spectacular Mother’s Day this year. Her little princess arrived late last week and to no one’s surprise, she is beautiful.

Now that we have actual orders and a rental house nailed down, it looks like this Fort Eustis, Va., move is really going to happen. I’ve been thinking about the things I’ll miss about Fort Hood and Central Texas, and the things I won’t. Keep in mind that being assigned here was not what I’d …

Sunday afternoon, I loaded up the boys and the dog and we drove to Stillhouse Hollow Lake to explore a bit.

I am lying on my mat in a yoga studio in Austin floating in a state of suspended animation.

Every once in a while, you meet someone who renews your faith in the goodness of humanity.

Although we do not officially have orders in hand, all signs point to us moving this summer to Fort Eustis, Va. We are looking forward to this for many reasons: My husband is from that area and his mother still lives there, as well as his brother and his wife. Another plus is that we obvious…

Most things in life fall into the following category: “Neither as bad nor as good as you expected.”

I’ll admit it — I’m a sucker for “how we met” stories. These can be romantic in nature and those are always entertaining, but I also enjoy hearing about how people became friends.

As I type this, my husband is prepping to return to Afghanistan after nearly two weeks here at home. It’s been a lovely time together but not without a few challenges, which I will share with you.

The recent cold snap is an unwelcome reminder that winter is still very much here, but allow me to put a positive spin on it.

If you see me walking around with a silly grin on my face, it might be because my husband is coming home for his two weeks of R&R very soon. That is the halfway point, also known as “Rest and Relaxation,” and is the Army’s way of making year-long deployments somewhat bearable.

To no one’s surprise, the most famous groundhog in the United States — Punxsutawney Phil — prognosticated six more weeks of winter this week. (Which, for us in Central Texas, basically means six more weeks of chilly days interspersed with spates of freakishly warm ones). But I digress.

My son Ryan is 13 and like the old cliche about teenagers goes, he is becoming more moody and difficult to talk to. Not surprisingly, this causes me to get frustrated and annoyed.

Last week, I had the honor and the privilege to interview a lovely Temple couple — Keifer and Sammie Marshall — who have been married 67 years (their anniversary is the 30th).

One of the toughest challenges about being human is to learn to stop comparing oneself to others. It’s been said many times — this is a swift and efficient train to “destination unhappiness.”

I am not a big proponent of New Year’s resolutions but this year I have a few “suggestions” for personal growth or improvement.

If there is any doubt that depression and anxiety can sneak up on a gal, my friend Nancy would tell you it certainly can. She is an Army spouse as well as a veteran, and has three busy, active children. This lady has always seemed to have energy galore and an ever-present can-do attitude. So…

Nasty germs are being passed around Fort Hood faster than two teenage girls can text each other the latest gossip.

With Thanksgiving already a memory and the holiday rush in full swing, I find myself scrambling to catch up. I wish I were one of those people who could embrace the season effortlessly, as many of my friends do. One glance at Facebook — showing people’s lavishly decorated trees and homes — a…

I just finished a fascinating book about meditation. Oh I know what you’re probably thinking — meditation is “out there” and a little hippy-dippy. People who practice mediation bathe themselves in Patchouli oil, sport dreadlocks and spend the majority of their time contemplating their navels.

My husband has never been the easiest guy to find gifts for, but this year it’s even more of a challenge. Because he’s deployed, there are two warring factions going on in my brain.

Everyone can name a chore that fills them with dread and for me, that chore is grocery shopping. There is something about the process that makes me want to volunteer for a root canal instead, or even endure several hours of watching golf on television. Yes, it’s that bad. I try to analyze my…

The Warrior Way Express got a makeover recently and celebrated Thursday with free hot dogs, drinks and other specials.

Fort Hood’s annual Fourth of July celebration kicks off with a Color Run and ends with a 30-minute fireworks display. In between will be plenty of music to keep the crowd happy.

A dream brought Andrea Fleming and her family to Killeen. She and her family had moved back to Germany following her husband’s retirement from the Army when she had an epiphany.

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