It’s safe to say that the Duchess of Cambridge is going to have a spectacular Mother’s Day this year. Her little princess arrived late last week and to no one’s surprise, she is beautiful.

Like many Americans, I have a bit of a crush on the royal family and also have numerous questions about their life. Before the new baby girl was officially named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, I had to wonder, did William and Kate sign a contract when they married promising to name any future progeny only classic English names (perhaps from an approved list)? This would include such traditional monikers as, Catherine, Charles, Victoria and of course, George. But what if the Duchess just happens to fancy more, well, casual names such as Tabitha or Todd?

I just don’t see the Queen blessing anything trendy or cutesy. In all seriousness, I love the name Charlotte, which just happens to be the feminine version of “Charles,” the little tyke’s grandfather (let’s pray she doesn’t have his ears).

In addition to the whole naming conundrum, I also ruminate about what this family’s day-to-day routines must consist of when they’re not travelling.

Try as I might, I cannot conjure any type of “normal” domestic scene for the Royal foursome. Back when we had small kids, that scene often consisted of one goal and one goal only: Getting the kids to sleep as soon as humanly possible. When Andrew was an infant and Ryan was four, I would nurse the baby to sleep while Rob would take charge of our big boy. Inevitably, any plans we’d make to meet in the TV room for a movie and some adult conversation would careen to a halt once one (or both) of us would pass out with our children.

I strain to picture the impeccably lovely Kate clad in a pair of stretched out sweats and a stained T-shirt from her college days lounging with the remote in one hand and a baby on her lap and simply cannot. This is a woman who stood in front of a huge crowd 12 hours after giving birth, looking simply radiant with full makeup, a dress and very probably panty hose on. She showed no signs of exhaustion from her labor and frankly, looked as fresh as if she’d just awoken from a nap. If she weren’t so kind and genuine, you’d have to hate her.

So Baby Charlotte and her big brother have quite an interesting life ahead of them and one that I’m sure has its downside. Which brings me to another burning question I have about children of royalty — do they throw tantrums like the offspring of us “commoners?”

Do they get timeouts and swats on the behind and hissed warnings of “try that again and you won’t be able to sit down for a week…” Not that I’ve ever said such an awful thing to my children, of course. Do royal kids go on play dates and yearn for chicken nuggets (or fish and chips?) and watch “The Wiggles?”

And do William, Kate, George and little Charlotte ever get to be truly alone, just a nuclear family? I would imagine there are nannies and housekeepers and chefs and gardeners and tutors and hairstylists clogging the halls of their palace on a regular basis. As wonderful as all that help would be, it could also be a tad suffocating at times. Oh to be a fly on the wall and to know the answers to all of these questions. Then there’s the really important stuff like, how do they learn to do the crucial “elbow-elbow-wrist-wrist” wave? Here in the States, beauty queens and those riding on parade floats take this wave very seriously, and I can see that the Prince and his bride have perfected it as well. Their arms must get very tired.

Speaking of tired, having the spotlight on full-force 24/7 must be exhausting but I think that is why so few of us are royalty — it takes a special person to maintain decorum, graciousness and patience when one’s privacy is practically nonexistent and you are constantly “on.” Luckily, the British don’t tend to stalk their celebrities (or their royal families) to the extremes that we do here in the good ole USA.

Although the Brits adore their actors/musicians and of course, Prince William and his Duchess, they seem to know when to leave well enough alone, too. I do wish nothing but the best for this darling family and hope Kate has a wonderful Mother’s Day. And happy Mother’s Day to all of us regular folk, as well.


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