Maj. Nidal Hasan is making his way back to a Fort Hood courtroom today for another hearing.

Apparently, Hasan is also riding around on buses in San Francisco this week.

That’s right, Hasan — Fort Hood’s most notorious criminal — is on the sides of buses in the great city of San Fran.

Well, his official Army photo is, anyway.

It’s part of set of advertisements running on city buses that some are calling offensive and racist.

According to an Associated Press report, the ads are paid for by the American Freedom Defense Initiative and feature Osama bin Laden, the Times Square car bomber and the alleged gunman in the Fort Hood shooting.

The Hasan ad features a quote next to Hasan’s headshot: “Reloading, firing again, reloading firing again, while screaming Allahu Akbar,” — Victim of Major Nidal Hasan.

The ad goes on to say: “Fort Hood jihad mass murderer… That’s my Jihad. What’s yours?”

All the ads, including those with bin Laden and the Times Square car bomber, end with that last statement: That’s my Jihad. What’s yours?

San Francisco officials, including the mayor, denounced the ads, but said their hands were tied because to not allow the ads would be a violation of free speech. The city’s transit agency says it will give the $5,000 used to pay for the ads to the city’s Human Rights Commission to study the impact of discrimination on San Francisco’s Islamic communities, according to the AP.

Hasan also made headlines recently in The Duffle Blog, a news satire site similar to The Onion.

The fake news site reported that Hasan had been promoted to lieutenant colonel and had been moved to Fort Leavenworth, Kan.

That’s not true, of course — Hasan is still nicely tucked into his cell at the Bell County Jail except when he comes on post for his hearings — but I got a call on Monday from a nice, old lady in the area asking if the promotion and move to Leavenworth were true.

She had a hunch it was a hoax, and I told her she was right.

The ads on San Francisco buses and the plethora of headlines — on real news and fake news websites — shows just how famous, or infamous, Hasan is.

The case has drawn worldwide attention, and the trial, set to start this summer, will likely be a frenzied media circus as the military puts on trial one of its own — a man who joined the Army as an officer, became disillusioned with his life and country, and for some reason, decided to kill as many American soldiers as he could.

I wasn’t at the scene of the shooting, but I’ve spoken with several survivors. All describe the incident as chaotic, mad ... and, well, full of terror.

It seems the whole world sees Hasan as a terrorist, except for the Department of Defense, which is increasingly under heat from political leaders, victims and others to call it an act of terrorism. The Defense Department is still labeling the shooting as “workplace violence,” which prevents military victims from a variety of benefits.

Apparently 13 dead and 32 wounded wasn’t enough for our top military leaders to call it an act of terror. I wonder if Hasan had killed 1,000, if that would have been enough.

Today, the judge and others at the hearing are expected to hear from a terrorism expert on reasons why Hasan could be classified as a “terrorist.”

Hopefully, someone from the Defense Department is also listening.

Jacob Brooks, a former Army tanker, is the city editor for the Killeen Daily Herald. Contact him at or (254) 501-7468.

Contact Jacob Brooks at or (254) 501-7468

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There is a concerted intent in the U.S. media to present the Fort Hood tragedy in it's immediate simplicity. There will be no real look at it's underlying causes. That of course is because the U.S. media is in the hands of and serves Zionist interests.

For those who would like a more in depth examination, let us first look at who Major Malak Nidal Hasan is and how that may have impacted his relationship and responses to our society and our dynamic of war and politics.

Major Malak Nidal Hasan, is a first Generation native American. His parents are Palestinian. This is obviously a man of some worth. He became a Doctor and took the specialty of Psychiatrist.

Too, he took the religion of his family, he was a Muslim. One can easily presume that he, as many men do engaged in some introspection and some outreach and he concluded that he was a Palestinian and a Muslim and all that that conveyed.

Now, what is a Palestinian? First, a Palestinian is a stateless man. No, Major Hasan was not a stateless man, but as a Palestinian in empathy with his fellow Palestinian he would have felt much of the impotence of the statelessness of his people. The feeling That somehow, Palestinians just don't matter.

Next, a Palestinian is a victim. A Palestinian is a man who has been driven from his home, by the Jews, on pain of death and now lives in a refugee camp. A Palestinian doesn't matter. A Jew matters. A Palestinian does not matter.

A Palestinian is a man who's home has been bulldozed by a Jew operating an American made, American bought and paid for D-9 bulldozer. No, not every Palestinian has had his home bulldozed, but every Palestinian is well aware that the Jews can and do come and bulldoze down the homes of Palestinians and they do so with impunity because Palestinians are impotent and powerless and that hopelessness and anger there from is a part of every Palestinian.

And the other side of that Palestinian impotence and victim hood is Jewish Zionist empowerment: And it is American political, economic and military support that empowers Zionist Israel and victimizes stateless Palestinians.

Not only do the Jews bulldoze Palestinians homes, they bulldoze down their olive tree. They steal the topsoil and take if for Jews.

They foul their water wells so that they can't draw life sustaining water. They further drive home to the Palestinians, Palestinians don't matter. Only Jews matter. Palestinians are nobody.

A Palestinian is a man who has a child that has been killed by a Jew or a son who is in an Israeli prison.

A Palestinian is a man who cannot drive across town to visit his family because there will be an Israeli roadblock that will stop him.

A Palestinian is a man whom the Jews may target for death. It is called targeted killing. Ehud Barak, the current Israeli Defense Minister was an assassin of Palestinians earlier in his IDF career.

A Palestinian in Gaza is a man who lives in the largest outdoor prison the world has ever known. They are locked in. the Jews have the keys. The Jews destroyed their airport and blocks their seaport to prevent their access to the rest of the world.

A Palestinian is a man who hears, sees or feels the ever present Israeli drones (remote controlled aircraft) overhead, ready in an instant to deal death and destruction.

A Palestinian is a people who can be massacred by Jews

Operation Cast Lead, the most recent Israeli military onslaught against a virtually unarmed civilian people, resulting in one thousand three hundred and ninety seven dead, most of them women and children.

It was a horrendously violent onslaught against a people that could not defend themselves and could not run away because the Jews had built an impenetrable wall around them. The Jews had turned their homeland into a prison and the Jews keep the keys to the gates.

For those many days that American made F-16 Warplanes flew over Gaza and delivered load after load of American made high explosives, destroying building after building and the infrastructure that enables a modern lifestyle, water plants and power generating plants. Anger and anxiety must have consumed Nidal Hasan as he watched helplessly as his people were pounded mercilessly.

Was this man's heart filled with hatred? No doubt. No doubt he hated the Jews who proved that Palestinians are nobody, Palestinians don't matter, only Jews matter. Yes, I am quite sure that this man was a hater.

The United Nations commissioned a report on just what happened in Gaza during the Zionist Jew onslaught against this virtually unarmed people. It is known as the Goldstone report.

It is highly credible. It accuses Israel of horrendous war crimes and gratuitous destruction of buildings homes and infrastructure in that onslaught. It must have given Major Hasan hope that there could be justice for Palestinians.

And yes, Nidal Hasan connected the dots. He saw America, the United States, his own country as at one with and the enabler of the Jews humiliation of his people and by extension, him.

So what pushed Major Nidal Hasan over the line from normalcy to jihad.

Two days before Major Nidal Hasan went on his shooting spree, the Zionist occupied United States House of Representatives passed a resolution condemning the highly credible Goldstone Report which accused Israel of committing war crimes in it's onslaught against Gaza. There would be no justice for Palestinians. The essence of that resolution was, Palestinians don't matter. Only Jews matter.

Quite certainly Major Hasan took notice of this act of subservience by this August American Legislative body. If his people can be murdered and the United States Congress says you must not speak ill of the murderers because they are Jews and the murdered people are only Palestinians, surely he must have been much vexed.

I submit that it is a fair assumption that this act by the United States Congress, this act of craven submission to Zionist Jewry likely is what pushed Major Hasan over the edge from normalcy to Jihad.

But it is certain that when he loaded the clips into that pistol and began shooting his message was, Palestinians do matter. See! This is what happens when you ignore Palestinians and humiliate and kill Palestinians. Palestinians do matter.

I sincerely doubt that Major Hasan was thinking about the Quran as he expended his rage and his impotence against innocent flesh and blood as so many many times the Jews have done to his people.

Our Zionist dominated mass media tells us that we support Israel so unreservedly because of our shared values, etceteras, ad infinitum. Balderdash!

America supports Israel unreservedly because Jewish cunning and wealth has put together a political machine capable of manipulating the American political process to it's own end. It is a machine that extends a carrot of wealth, respect and influence to those that bend their knee.

It is a machine that wields a stick of dried up political funding and conjured up opprobrium against stiff necked patriots who do not bend to their will. The opprobrium is dished out by it's many media minions.

Short of the rare occasion when a politician is able to energize the masses to the point of excitement and support, Jewish money and media manipulation of public opinion proves decisive.

Until the American people understand this, we are condemned to sacrifice American lives and American treasure. We must extend justice to the Palestinians to end the endless unwinnable wars.

In a very real sense, we Americans are also victims of Zionism. For our own Government has been corrupted to the ends of Israeli Zionism.

May I suggest, google this string: Israel AIPAC OR "Jewish Lobby" "U.S. Congress" OR Senator


The enemy is among us.

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