Well, it’s official: The new five-year federal transportation bill signed into law Friday creates a congressionally designated Texas highway corridor that will be Interstate Highway 14 in the future.

What does that mean locally?

The path of Interstate 14 follows, in part, the main highway in the Killeen-Fort Hood area, which is U.S. Highway 190.

“The designated Central Texas Corridor begins in West Texas and generally follows U.S. Highway 190 through Killeen, Belton, Bryan-College Station, Huntsville, Livingston, Woodville and Jasper before terminating on State Highway 63 at the Sabine River,” according to a news release sent by the city of Killeen on Tuesday.

It’s all part of a broader plan by the Gulf Coast Strategic Highway Coalition to link up military bases from out west to the coastlines.

“The Strategic Highway Coalition has been working for more than a decade in support of Texas highway improvements that will improve access between major U.S. Army installations at Fort Bliss, Fort Hood and Fort Polk and the Texas strategic deployment seaports that support them — the Port of Corpus Christi and the Port of Beaumont.”

In the past, officials have said the plan is to expand Interstate 14 to the East Coast.

Why Interstate 14?

Even-numbered interstates run east-west, while odd numbered interstate highways run north-south.

Interstate 10, for example runs from Southern California to Florida. As you move northward, east-west routes are progressively numbered higher until one reaches I-90, which runs from Boston to Seattle.

I-12 is located in southeast Louisiana, running north of New Orleans. Interstate 16 is in Georgia, connecting the cities of Macon and Savannah.

I’ve heard that Interstate 14 would link more than 10 military installations between Texas and Georgia. As part of a previously mentioned plan, I-14 would run from Fort Bliss to Fort Gordon, Ga.

With the new announcement, I’m not sure if all that is still in the works, but we’ll be finding out.

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