Of all my years in Texas — 14 to be exact — I can’t remember a winter as up and down as this one: Cold, hot, cold, warm, cold, warm .

On Sunday it was above 70 degrees. On Monday it was 30 degrees. What gives?

I can only imagine what this is doing to soldiers out on the training fields of Fort Hood. On one day they are probably doing track maintenance in short sleeves, and on the next, they are likely bundled up in cold-weather gear.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard the term “wintry mix” used so much in a single winter before, and that’s saying a lot, because I’ve lived in Alaska and North Dakota.

In those states, however, winter is a bona fide season, and usually a long one. Blizzards and sub-zero temperatures are a given.

In North Dakota, it’s not uncommon for temperatures to stay below freezing for weeks or months at a time, leaving snow and ice as a permanent winter fixture atop the rolling grasslands. In Alaska, whole rivers freeze, allowing residents to drive across them in their cars .

None of that is going to happen at Fort Hood unless the next ice age comes; however, this on-again, off-again winter weather might make it seem like it is.

I mean, this is Texas, I thought the only seasons were hot and warm. But apparently not. And, as one of my old platoon sergeants said about the weather here: “Don’t like the weather? Just wait five minutes; it’ll change.”

I’ve seen snow in Texas before this winter, but not very often. I remember in San Angelo one year it snowed on April 1. That was unusual, and much more preferable to this crummy winter.

In any event, we are stuck with a rather vicious cycle of wintry mix followed by wintry mix and the occasional nice weekend.

While my wife hates me driving in icy weather, I guess things could be worse. We could be stuck in a frozen wasteland where even the rivers are frozen solid.

Nonetheless, I’m ready for this winter to be over.

Be safe out there.

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