I’m going to introduce something to the Fort Hood community. It’s something so rare that probably only a few soldiers from North Dakota or perhaps Montana have heard of.

Here it is: taco in a bag.

What is taco in a bag, you ask?

Well, it’s pretty simple, really.

Take a small, single-serving bag of tortilla chips — Doritos work pretty good — and open it up. Then, put in all the normal things you would put inside a taco: seasoned beef, sour cream, shredded lettuce, diced tomato, salsa, etc.

Get a spoon or fork, and viola … taco in a bag.

It’s not a secret recipe or anything, and it’s quite easy to make. Tacos in a bag are quite popular at community fairs, rodeos and sporting events in North Dakota. They might seem crude or gross, but they are actually quite tasty, and probably surpass 10 out of 12 varieties of meals ready to eat.

In the 2½ years I lived in North Dakota before heading back to the Fort Hood area, I probably ate about six tacos in a bag. Now, that’s not too many, compared to the hundreds of MRE’s I ate during my one enlistment in the Army. I should have purchased more tacos in a bag when I had the chance.

But here’s the thing, I can go home and make tacos in a bag. However, getting my wife on board with them is easier said than done. She’s not a fan.

Tacos in a bag are good fundraiser food. They’re also good “guy” food, with a mix of spiciness, crunchiness and simplistic eating technique. One doesn’t need to sit down to eat a taco in a bag. One doesn’t need a plate. Pretty much, all one needs is two hands, or at least the ability to grasp a fork and a bag.

Tacos in a bag would be welcomed hot chow in the field. I remember all too well standing in line at Fort Hood’s tank ranges for run-of-the-mill Army food like beef stroganoff or pork tenderloin and gravy. Now don’t get me wrong, any hot chow in the field is good, but mixing it up once in awhile is good, too.

I think soldiers would really dig into tacos in a bag, and not just the soldiers from the Peace Garden State. They are kind of fun to eat. Kind of like a funnel cakes or something.

Army cooks could probably make tacos in a bag pretty easily. Transportation is pretty easy, too; hundreds of tacos in a bag could easily fit into the back of a Humvee. It’s best to keep them in a container so they can stay warm, or even better, transport all of the ingredients and then make them in the field.

A Crock Pot can keep the meat nice and hot, and everything else is served cold or at room temp. Actually making the taco in a bag just takes a few seconds, dropping the appropriate ingredients in the bag.

Hey, who knows? It could be a morale booster.

Here’s another idea: How about for a future MRE flavor, we introduce taco in a bag. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch, since MRE’s are already served in baglike containers, anyway.

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A simply plate would make this a far more attractive meal. Instead of dumping all the ingredients in a bag simply layer them.

first refried beans or bean dip, then the seasoned ground beef or meat of your choice, then the salsa/guacamole, then the sour cream, then the cheese, and finally the shredded lettuce.

As for the chips, use them to scoop up the 6 layers of tastiness.

The taco in a bag isn't gross but it does sound kind of messy. Perhaps that's the big turn off.

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