When people say God works in mysterious ways, He certainly does. They also say that if He brings you to it, He will bring you through it.

I’ve asked God for a lot over the past few years and even though he tested my patience and my faith He double blessed me with my twins in January.

When we found out that our son indeed needed a helmet to correct moderate plagiocephaly and that our wonderful insurance company wouldn’t cover the cost of the noninvasive, FDA approved cranial molding helmet, I knew I couldn’t ask God for any more help.

He’s already given us so much — our health and a beautiful family — and I’m pretty sure I’ve used up my “talk-to-God-minutes.”

After several hours on the phone, a few choice words, a box of tissues and a gallon of ice cream, I started to do some research, hoping to find an organization that specializes in helping military families out in a bind. Anything to lesson this financial blow.

My search turned up nada, just tons of other military families in my same boat.

Since our money tree in the backyard never grew, like everyone else who tried to fight Tricare and lost, we were going to apply for CareCredit and finance, with hefty interest, the helmet over several months. We just couldn’t do a payment plan that meant forking more than $500 a month for the next five months. That’s a lot of money when you are raising twin babies on a single income.

Just as I was beginning to fill out the paperwork for the loan last week, I got a very interesting phone call from the newsroom, urging me to call back a reader.

Initially, I was shocked that someone other than my mother read my column and then I got nervous. Usually when readers call in, it’s to point out an error or school me on grammar and punctuation. Reluctantly, I took down the number and called back once the twins went down for a nap.

That phone call changed everything.

After a short conversation, the voice on the other end offered to pay for my son’s helmet.

Just. Like. That. No questions asked.

I dropped my cellphone and started to sob, like ugly Kim Kardashian-West style crying. I couldn’t believe this was happening to my family — that a complete stranger would want to help us, help our son.

Within the hour, I got a knock on my door and was handed a check for $3,000.

All I could do was cry. It felt like a dream. This is the kind of stuff you read about, but never expect to be the recipient of.

This gift not only changes things for our son, but for us as well. Instead of adding to our list of things to pay for each month, we can breathe a little deeper and just focus on what matters: raising our children.

With all the ugly things happening around the world and right in own back yard, the extreme kindness and generosity that was bestowed upon my family just goes to prove goodness still exists. There are still good, kindhearted and selfless people out there who do good things just because.

We can’t thank her enough for what she did for our family, but I can promise that we will pay it forward when we can. Our son Rory has a fairy godmother and she’s literally reshaping his future.

Vanessa Lynch is a former metro editor for the Killeen Daily Herald. An Army spouse, she and her husband live in Harker Heights with their two young children.

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