People told me that if I blinked I would miss something.

They told me how fast the first year would fly by.

Well, I blinked and now the twins are an entire year old!

Part of me is wiping my brow and handing out high-fives that I survived an entire year as a first-time mom to twins. The other half of me is sobbing in the corner, looking through pictures from the day they were born. My husband found the DVD of their gender reveal ultrasound over the weekend and I have watched it nearly a dozen times, bawling my eyes out every time.

Where does the time go?

The only thing doing back flips about this milestone is our bank account because we officially transitioned to whole milk! You don’t realize how expensive formula is until you don’t have to buy it anymore. I walked down that aisle for the last time and almost did a cartwheel.

We celebrated the big occasion with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse-themed birthday party with friends, complete with first-time-eating-cake carnage. My son demolished his cupcake, I was so proud, whereas my daughter, in true diva fashion, couldn’t handle her hands being dirty.

I stopped to take a breath during the party and looked down to see my once teenie, premie babies playing with their friends, laughing and crawling all over.

I don’t have babies anymore, I have two toddlers! I have two healthy, mostly happy, handfuls of joy who have taught me to slow down and enjoy the little things.

Rory is tipping the scales at 26 pounds and boasts seven teeth. His smaller, but mighty counterpart Makayla, is 19 pounds and has two teeth. Life is getting easier and harder all at the same time. Gone are the days where I can eat food in front of them without having to share, and so are the days where they just sit and play nicely in one spot.

Now I have one in the dog bowl and one chasing the dogs.

Having and raising twins is the single most challenging thing I have ever done and I can honestly say I still have all my hair and have found ways to conceal the giant bags under my eyes when I have to go out in public. Even though we are thousands of miles from family, my ever growing network of Army helping hands has made this first year sting less. There was always someone offering to hold, change, feed or watch a baby, or two.

I stopped counting how many times I called or texted a veteran mom for advice or a pep talk. It makes me laugh to find myself on the other side of the conversation these days, answering questions from other newbie twin moms. I remember those early days sitting at home alone with two infants wondering how I was going to survive until my husband comes home. Fast forward 12 months and now his calling to say he’s going to be late no longer makes my eye twitch.

It’s amazing how much can change in a year.

Vanessa Lynch is a former metro editor for the Killeen Daily Herald. An Army spouse, she and her husband live in Harker Heights with their two young children.

Contact Vanessa Lynch at or 254-501-7567.

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