Like our previous two duty stations, Texas wasn’t going to be our final stop in our Army adventure, but this place really feels like home.

When we first got here, we had just purchased our first home and were kid-less. Fast forward four years and now we are trying to decide whether we should sell or rent this house, because now we have twins to think about.

Becoming parents really does change everything.

This will be our first move with two kids in tow. God help us. Permanent change of station season is in full swing in my neighborhood. As one set of neighbors moves out, another set moves in and we just found out where we are going next.

Before any sort of list came out I had a funny feeling I kne where we were going to end up. My husband laughed at me. His list of locations came out, he asked me to weigh in (of course I was all about going back to Hawaii) and he ranked his top five.

Even with the way he ranked things, I knew where we were going.

While I was in Connecticut with the kids, I got a surprise phone call in the middle of the day from my husband. I say surprise, because he rarely ever calls — he is more of a texter. At the moment I knew we were either going back to Hawaii or that he had been selected to be a small group leader in Missouri.

Sadly, the Lynch family won’t be sipping mai tais and building sand castles come February.

Instead ,we will be living in the land of no Target but a threat of tornadoes: Fort Leonard Wood.

I hate when my gut is right.

I’m pretty sure my husband expected me to flip out, but since I had already accepted the fact that we were more than likely going to end up back there from the get-go, I’m not as upset as I thought I was going to be.

Maybe it’s the Prozac or maybe it’s because I’m a mom now and it’s a really family-friendly post.

Although we are an hour from the closest Target and two hours from the closest WholeFoods, my list of pros surprisingly outweighs my list of cons.

Who would have thunk it, right?

Now that we know where we going and when we have to be there by, it’s so nice to have so much notice, it’s time for my favorite part: House hunting!

The last time we were there it was only for six months over the summer, so my list of wants and needs is way different these days.

I also tried really hard to forget that period of time.

Being kidless and jobless in the middle of nowhere is no picnic, I’ll tell you that much.

In terms of must haves, Number One on my list is a basement!

When it comes to Mother Nature, I don’t mess with her, and will take any steps necessary to keep my family safe. Pooches included.

Since it’s been quite some time since we were there last — and unfortunately I’ve been told not much has changed in terms of places to shop and eat — we are loading up the squad and making the 11-hour car ride to scope out the area.

I thought four hours on a plane with kids was bad — I can only imagine how delightful 11-plus hours in a car will be.

Oh I can’t wait for those memories. Thankfully, they can’t say “Are we there yet?” and are still in diapers.

Vanessa Lynch is a military spouse, mom and a former metro editor for the Killeen Daily Herald.

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