Changes are coming to the Fort Hood Area Thrift Shop.

The store, which stopped accepting consignments Aug. 31, will close for the holidays Dec. 21 and remain closed through January for renovations.

“There will be building improvements — painting the walls, painting shelves, fixing baseboards and buffing the floors,” said Bonnie Kube, the thrift shop manager.

The shop is expected to reopen with a celebration in early February, but renovations may be finished sooner, Kube said.

A major change will be an overhaul of the consignment software.

“Account holders will have access to their accounts from their own computers,” Kube said. “They can see what is sold, what’s available, when merchandise is expiring and if they get paid. It’s really exciting.”

In the past, consignors had to come into the shop each month to check on the status of their items.

For now, donations are still being accepted at the shop. They can be left any time at the back of the store, 50003 Clear Creek Road.  

Business slowed since it stopped accepting consignments, Kube said, but she expects it to pick back up following the reopening.

The shop also recently reduced its hours. Effective this month, it will no longer be open on Friday.

The initial plan when it opened on Friday was to see if it was something the community needed, Kube said. The change was discontinued because business was slow.

The current hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. For information about the renovations and reopening, go to the shop’s Facebook page: Fort Hood Area Thrift Shop.

Contact Madison Lozano​ at or 254-501-7552.

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