Jennifer Dvoretsky straightens shirts at the Graphic Concepts store at the Exchange at Fort Hood.

The Fort Hood Exchange Mystery Shopper Program is accepting applicants, the Exchange said in a news release Monday.

Selected shoppers go about their typical shopping routines and provide feedback from their experiences in online survey sets. The Army & Air Force Exchange Service uses the shoppers’ comments to improve customer service at Exchange locations worldwide. To apply, potential mystery shoppers can go to and select “Mystery Shopper — I want to apply” under “Exchange Locations.”

Qualified registrants include authorized Exchange shoppers who are age 18 or older who are not Exchange employees or their family members. They cannot reside in the same household with another mystery shopper. When shoppers are needed, they are selected randomly from all registrants and provided with guidelines via email, said Chris Ward, Exchange spokesperson.

Approved shoppers who complete one survey set receive a $30 Exchange gift card. Shoppers who survey movie theaters receive two movie passes and concessions.

“The mystery shopper commitment is six months duration, or until three survey sets are completed,” Ward said.

“One set consists of surveying the main store, a branch store, a service shop, and the theater if the location has a theater being operated by the Exchange,” Ward added.

For three completed survey sets in a six-month period, a shopper receives $90 in gift cards and six movie passes.

“There are currently three shoppers at Clear Creek Exchange and two at Warrior Way,” Ward said. “We try to keep four at each location, but website issues this past week have prevented shoppers from accessing the mystery shopper website and accepting invitations.”

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