Clutching his paintball gun, Colin Hummel hid inside an orange building. He peered through its window, and when the time was right, he ran across a field behind an orange barricade, as he dodged rounds of paint balls.

Within 10 minutes, the two father-son teams’ adrenaline came to a halt as three of the four players were hit and the game was over.

“I thought it was cool,” said Colin, who played the game for the first time Sunday at the Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area paintball course. “It’s good for beginners.”

Three of the paintball courses opened March 1 and a fourth is under construction, said Jermaine Gibson, recreation aide.

“The speedball course is basically an open field and the object of the speedball course is to get as many people out as fast as possible,” Gibson said of the course under construction.

The other courses feature different themes, such as the old Sparta western town that has a saloon and church, as well as other courses with bridges or barricades to hide and maneuver between.

Gibson said if someone is looking to do something fun outdoors, the paintball course is a good place to be.

“You get to take out aggression,” he said. “It’s a good atmosphere out here. People come out here to relax.”

Alwin Collado-Cintron, 15, of Harker Heights, said he enjoys the adrenaline.

“Even though you know it’s not really going to hurt you, you still have that small amount of fear about getting hit,” Alwin said. “It’s just a rush. It’s fun to come out here and just play the game.”

His father, Command Sgt. Maj. Alwin Collado, 306th Military Intelligence Battalion, 470th Military Intelligence Brigade, said being in the military, it’s important to spend time with his son.

“We heard about it a few weeks ago and decided to check it out,” Collado said.

Colin’s dad, Air Force Lt. Col. Corey Hummel, commander of the 3rd Weather Squadron, said it was great for the two dads to bring their sons out to the course. It was their first time at the course at BLORA, but they’re looking forward to visiting it again.

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