Williamson County Symphony

The Williamson County Symphony warms up their instruments as the audience settles in for an evening of seasonal music at the Howze Theater on Dec. 7.  This is the ninth year the symphony has performed for the families of Fort Hood.

Sgt. Matthew Thompson | U.S. Army

Holiday cheer filled the halls of the Howze Theater as the Williamson County Symphony performed for Fort Hood families Dec. 7.

“This is our favorite venue,” said Thomas Rainey, director of music for the Williamson County Orchestra. “We look forward to this more than any other concert we put on.”

For the past nine years, the orchestra has faithfully come to Fort Hood to perform several seasonal songs.

“We came the first year, back in 2005, we said we have to do this every single year,” Rainey said. “And we have.”

The cold weather didn’t keep the more than 500 soldiers, family members and retirees from attending.

“I’m very appreciative that the audience came out in weather like this,” said Norma Hernadez, a special events coordinator for Fort Hood’s Morale, Welfare and Recreation program. “It was a great turnout.”

The 90-member orchestra consists of people from all walks of life. Surgeons, nurses public school teachers and college professors volunteer their time and energy to play music for the Fort Hood audience.

“When we play for the soldiers and families of Fort Hood, we’re thinking of music that has an uplifting kind of a spirit,” Rainey said.

Along with seasonal music, the symphony also performed a salute to the armed services playing the different branches’ songs.

“I really enjoyed the way they supported each other when we played the armed forces salute,” Rainey said. “The applause, you know that was primarily an Army audience, and the way they supported the other branches gave me chills.”

Next year is the 10th anniversary for the Williamson County Symphony’s performance at Fort Hood.

“We tentatively have them on the calendar for Dec. 6 next year,” Hernadez said.

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