KILLEEN — Palo Alto seventh-grader Jacquelyn Fyffe moved across the country about 10 times.

“I moved a lot because my parents are in the military, so everyone would be like, ‘Oh the new kid, let’s make fun of her,’” said Fyffe, whose dad is serving his 17th year in the Army and stationed at Fort Hood. “I’ve been bullied before and it’s not a good thing.”

Fyffe, who hopes to be an advocate for anti-bullying, joined the national campaign, GIRLS, which stands for Girls Inspiring Real Leadership Skills.

Fyffe’s mom, Melinda Hartsfield, who also served in the Army for seven years, said younger children don’t fully understand what bullying is, so she’s glad her daughter is bringing awareness to the different avenues in which someone can be bullied, including verbal, physical and cyber.

“Some people have killed themselves because bullying has gotten too far and I just don’t think it’s right,” Fyffe said. “People bully other people ... so for me to take a stand, that’s like helping fight against it and if I get more people and more people then soon we can be an anti-bullying state.”

Fyffe also volunteers with other organizations around town, including Relay for Life. On April 1, the garage of her Killeen home was transformed into a craft center as she made posters for the cancer awareness event in May.

Fyffe said she was inspired to volunteer with the annual American Cancer Society event after meeting a four-time breast cancer survivor.

“I thought it was amazing how she fought it four times,” Fyffe said.

Last year, Fyffe was named Texas Junior Miss Heart of the USA in 2013. Hartsfield said the pageant promotes “stomping out hunger,” where participants collected and distribute canned goods to shelters across the U.S.

Her mom said it’s important to be an active part of the community.

“Nowadays, kids want to sit at home and they do nothing and they don’t put themselves out there,” Hartsfield said. “It’s good for college. It’s good for when she goes to high school to show that she’s different than other kids, than other girls and sets herself apart.” | 254-501-7553 | @SarahRafique

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