Soldier sings

First Lt. (promotable) Kat B.Kaliski sings Saturday her jazz concert with Nelda Milligan at the Inn on the Creek in Salado. The shows are free.

SALADO — First Lt. (promotable) Kat Kaliski loves singing live music, but didn’t want to get attached to a band. Instead, she collaborates with different Central Texas musicians to perform live jazz music every Saturday at a rooftop bar at the Inn on the Creek.

“This particular venue, they’ve never done live music before,” said Kaliski, a military intelligence officer for First Army Division West. “They’re just not sure how it works or what to do or if it will work. So, they wanted to take baby steps with it.”

So far, Kaliski has performed there twice and said it is a date night-type spot where people can sit on the veranda, grab a blanket and have a picnic along the creek while listening to live jazz.

“Billie Holiday is one of my favorite artists, and I do a lot of her work,” she said. “You can just picture the times and it’s nice because Salado is kind of an older crowd and you can see it in their faces. They can really just feel this music.”

Despite the cost of sheet music, coordinating with other artists and finding time to practice outside of her full-time military duties, Kaliski said performing relaxes her.

“People think art just kind of happens, but you have to actually listen to the music so you can identify with it and you can fully emote,” she said. “Because of copyright stuff, you can’t just print music so logistically there’s (more to it). ... It takes up a tremendous amount of time.”

Kaliski said she doesn’t know what she would do with her time if she didn’t practice and perform.

“I just love music,” she said. “It’s what keeps me balanced and happy and enjoying life.”

With just piano and vocals, Kaliski said she hopes to eventually bring in a full band.

“We’re just waiting to see if people will be receptive to it,” she said.

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