Sgt. 1st Class Selcuk Yargici, a French horn player assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division Band, performs during the Spring Ho Parade in Lampasas on July 12. The band performs at functions throughout the Fort Hood area.

Sgt. Derek Bannasch | U.S. Army

By the end of July, the 1st Cavalry Division Band will have completed 17 performances around the Central Texas area.

The band averages 300 to 350 performances a year, with events ranging from locations on post to venues in the local community.

“It is an honor being able to perform for hard-working Fort Hood soldiers,” said Staff Sgt. Jonathan Creal, a saxophone player in the band. “Music provides relief from daily stress and often brings back happy memories. I feel humbled having the opportunity to work for the country in a way that is so satisfying to me personally.”

July 4 celebration

Three groups within the band performed for the local community at Hood Stadium for the post’s July 4 celebration.

The groups — Warrior’s Call, Cav Country and Crossfire Brass — played more than 10 songs featuring different instruments.

“It feels good to be a part of something that makes a difference in people’s lives,” said Spc. Bryan Plunkett, a trumpet player. “They get to experience patriotism in a very personal way.”

The band’s mission includes providing music throughout the full spectrum of military operations, and fostering the support of citizens.

“With surrounding communities being mostly prior or retired military, I always feel well-supported by the community,” Creal said.

The band performed at the Spring Ho Parade in Lampasas on July 12, and also will support the Survivor Bash, a special concert for Gold Star Families on post.

“I’ve had a couple of widows come up in tears and thank me for my service and (tell me) how it reminded them of their late husbands’ devotion and service,” Creal said.

For more information on the band and upcoming performances, see the 1st Cavalry Division Band’s Facebook page at, the band’s website at or call 254-618-8839.

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