Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center

Nov. 14

A daughter, Rilynn Lane, to Derrick and Carly Moore, 1st Cavalry Division.

A daughter, Jahzara Denise Grace, to Kei and Kyndra Cooper, 1st Cavalry Division and 62nd Signal Battalion.

A daughter, Ava Rae, to Pierce and Allison Jenson, 1st Cavalry Division.

A son, Gabriel Anthony Rodriguez, to Vicente Rodriguez and Mercedes Hernandez, 1st Cavalry Division.

Nov. 15

A son, Nathaniel Anthony, to Anthony and Sabrina Vizzini, 1st Cavalry Division.

A daughter, Karalyna Gene, to Devon and Kendra Layton, 1st Cavalry Division.

A son, Dylan James Dean, to Gerardo and Stephanie Navarro, 85th Civil Affairs.

A son, Lucas Antonio, to Joel and Helen Rodriguez, 3rd Cavalry Regiment.

A son, Isaiah Lee, to Amber Crafton, 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade.

A daughter, Ellie Fae, to Dylan and Lindsey Swanty, 1st Cavalry Division.

Nov. 16

A daughter, Madyson Elyse Keen, to Shawn Keen and Leslie Hinds, 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade.

A son, Tucker James, to Kiefer and Dominique McEndree, 1st Cavalry Division.

Nov. 17

A son, Dorian Ramon, to Wilson and Lilliana Ventura, 1st Cavalry Division.

A daughter, Ayva Nicole Brown, to Chrystopher Brown and Aldria Rose, 1st Medical Brigade.

A daughter, Maya, to Forrest and Kevanie Dalton, 79th Ordnance Battalion.

A son, Xavier Alijah, to Patrick and Stephanie Crosby, 504th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade.

A daughter, Liberty Grace, to William and Candice White, 14th Public Affairs Detachment.

Nov. 18

A daughter, Gianna Susan, to Rodney and Jessica Ucles, 1st Cavalry Division.

A daughter, Brooklyn Zuri, to Cedra and Latania Edwards, 1st Cavalry Division.

A daughter, Kallie Gail-Marie, to John and Audrey Lindner, of Virginia.

Nov. 19

A son, Evan, to Phillip and Amanda Cupp, 1st Cavalry Division.

A son, David IV, to David and Nicole Balderas III, 1st Cavalry Division.

Nov. 20

A son, Everett Rhys, to Derek and Maeghan Wolfrum, 1st Cavalry Division.

A daughter, Rae’Elle J’Nae, to Raymond and Kne’ka Griffin, 41st Fires Brigade.

A son, Gavin Tobias, to Manuel and Michelle Maier, 1st Medical Brigade and Public Health Command District.


A daughter, Ava Kathryn, to Rory and Tonya Garcia, 1st Cavalry Division.

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