Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center

Sept. 25

A son, Gage Steele, to Jordan and Jaclyn Willett, 1st Cavalry Division.

A son, JamirBrenton, to Jeffery and Hannah Adams, 1st Cavalry Division.

A son, Prince Noah, to Robert and Marisela Smith, 3rd Cavalry Regiment.

Sept. 26

A son, Raiden Rhett, to Payton and Brittney Clark.

A daughter, Alivia Faith, to Narada and Amber Jackson.

Sept. 27

A son, Jamie Lee Jr., to Jamie and Erin Simmons.

A daughter, Winter Rose, to Bruce and Xionadia Fairley, 1st Medical Brigade.

Sept. 28

A son, Michael Roderick III, to Michael and Aida Meyers.

A daughter, Evelynn Ida Rose, to Brian and Vivian Reid, 1st Cavalry Division.

A daughter, Josily Sara, to Justin and Alissa Cunningham, 1st Medical Brigade.

A daughter, Kylee Kahealani, to Ronald and Brooks Bernard, 3rd Cavalry Regiment.

A son, Tyler Truette, to Devin Burke and Taren Danna, 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade.

A son, Bennett John-Carlos, to Johnny and Vanessa Maldonado, 36th Engineer Brigade.

A son, Gabriel Jeremy, to Andrew and Anna Gomez, 1st Cavalry Division.

Sept. 29

A daughter, Evangeline Reigh, to William and Gabrielle Hites, 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade.

A son, LaˈseanRaekwun, to Malcom Barnes and TiairaSearight, 1st Cavalry Division.

A daughter, Kadence, to Dustin and Shannon Polak.

A daughter, Noelle Marie, to Dante and Marie Sansom.

Sept. 30

A son, Christian Joseph, to Jimmy Reed and Tonya Michaud, 13th Sustainment Command.

A daughter, Ariel Trinity, to Keith and Sara VanBuren, 3rd Cavalry Regiment.

A daughter, Ella Rose, to Grant and Heather Collier, 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade.

Oct. 1

A daughter, Aniyah Elise, to Jamel and Alexis Donald, 1st Cavalry Division.

A son, James Lawrence, to Aaron and Stephanie Mattison, 1st Cavalry Division.

Oct. 2

A son, Bo Baxter, to Peter and Darlene Dickerson, 1st Cavalry Division.

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