Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center

May 14

A son, Christian Iokepea, to Christopher and Vilanikuulei Cornett, 1st Cavalry Division

May 15

A son, Jaxson Avery, to Guadalupe and Gisela Irlas, 1st Cavalry Division

A daughter, Ruth Ann, to Maxwell and Amy Knodel.

A son, Shepard Thane, to Kyle and Tiffany Megahan, 1st Cavalry Division

May 16

A son, Grayden Everett, to Mark and Laura Gibson, 4th Sustainment Brigade.

May 17

A son, Soul, to Bumjin and Jae Park, 1st Cavalry Division

May 18

A daughter, Emily Renae, to Guillermo and Andrea Morrison.

A daughter, Chloe Rose, to Douglas and Mellissa Boswell, 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade.

A daughter, Amelia Christine, to Jacob and Chelsea Chadwick, 89th Military Police Brigade.

A daughter, Andrina Sophie, to Donald and Viola Harrison, 1st Cavalry Division

A son, Zion Jesse, to Jeremy and Jenni Keith, 1st Medical Brigade.

A daughter, Madison Rae, to Eric and Nostancia Berry, 1st Cavalry Division

May 19

A son, Rollins Jay, to Allan and Suzanne Pitchford, Operational Test Command.

A son, Isaiah Emmanuel, to Kristian and Alexis Gonzalez, 1st Cavalry Division

A daughter, Loren Zo, to Lorenzo and Tiera Fuller, 1st Cavalry Division

A daughter, Hailey Elizabeth, to Christopher and Danielle James, 1st Cavalry Division

A son, Charles James, to Charles and Amanda Gillespie, 1st Cavalry Division

A son, Hassan Hussain, to Hussdin and ZainabAbdulKadhem, 504th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade.

May 20

A son, Joseph Alexander, to Roger and Briana Lariviere, Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center.

A daughter, Kataliny Talia, to Arnold and Kieralatese Caraballo, III Corps.

A daughter, Madeline Jane, to Colby and Elizabeth Horowitz, III Corps.

A daughter, Mazle May, to Jordan and Haley Cruz, 1st Cavalry Division

A son, Atticus William, to William Collier and Brianna Woodard, 48th Chemical Brigade.

A daughter, Jamilah Denice, to Jordawn and Lakoya Crutch, 1st Cavalry Division

May 21

A son, Jason Roberto, to Aaron and Karina Andrade, 1st Cavalry Division

A daughter, MyLah Lei, to Christopher and Desi-Lei Miller, 1st Cavalry Division

A daughter, Kylie Rose, to Michael and Nicole Igel.

A son, Amaré Sincere, to Christopher Windley, Jr. and Quintesa Richardson, 11th Signal Brigade.

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