Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center

Feb. 19

A daughter, Cataleya Dora, to Devin and Tara Bailey, 41st Fires Brigade and 13th Sustainment Command.

Feb. 20

A son, James Kenneth, to Cory and Megan Riesenberg, 36th Engineer Brigade.

A son, Liam Phillip, to Cassandra Jimmy, 3rd Cavalry Regiment.

Feb. 21

A daughter, Olivia Kareleigh, to Derek and Marissa Simms, 3rd Cavalry Regiment.

A son, Joshua Daniel Jr., to Joshua and Elizabeth Roy, of Killeen.

A son, Emilio Cristian, to Orlando and Amanda Cruz, 36th Engineer Brigade.

A daughter, Keagan Allen, to Christopher and Carie Hood, 1st Cavalry Division.

A daughter, Scarlett Marie, to Miguel and Erin Diaz, 1st Cavalry Division.

Feb. 22

A daughter, Selah Lane, to Justin and Kelly Trisler, Dental Activity.

A son, Derrick Andre III, to Derrick and Brittney White Jr., 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade.

A son, Kayden Clay Cabage, to Travis Cabage and Ahram Choi, 3rd Cavalry Regiment.

A son, Collin Fritz, to Daniel and Donna Frick, 3rd Cavalry Regiment.

Feb. 23

A son, Christian Michael Joseph Jr., to Christian and Ariel Abbott, 89th Military Police Brigade.

Feb. 24

A daughter, Emma Ariana, to Miguel and Naomi Chavez, 13th Sustainment Command.

A daughter, Kailani Lei, to Kurt and Zatanah Semon, 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade.

A daughter, Estella Valentina Rodriguez Esquivel, to Luis Rodriguez and Diana Esquivel, 13th Sustainment Command.

A daughter, Melody Elaine, to Henry and Beth Satterwhite, 3rd Cavalry Regiment.

A son, Siion Jabor Burel-Washington, to Dede Burel, of Killeen.

Feb. 25

A son, Japheth Dominick, to Japheth and Josephine Sims, 504th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade.

A daughter, Emma Grace, to Marcus and Katrina Moss, 1st Cavalry Division.

A daughter, Autumn Julia, to Michael and Sarah Gorge, Dental Activity.

A daughter, Vanessa Sophia, to Michael and Carla Quintero, 1st Cavalry Division.

A daughter, Jordynn Raé, to Justin and Nadia Wims, 1st Cavalry Division.

A son, Evan Michael, to Philip and Debra Garcia, 3rd Cavalry Regiment.

Feb. 26

A daughter, Adeline Grace, to Chad and Ericka Bluhm, 3rd Cavalry Regiment.

A daughter, Jordyn Michelle Caldwell, to Jamel Caldwell and Yolanda Talley, 1st Cavalry Division.

Feb. 27

A daughter, Olivia Maria Evlynn, to Thomas and Luciana Herman, First Army Division West.

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