Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center

  • Jan. 9
  • A daughter, Olivia Michelle, to Desmond Matthews and Chervon Gentle, 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade.
  • A son, Justin Malik, to Davy and Nkeiruka Unigwe, 3rd Cavalry Regiment.

Jan. 10

  • A daughter, Addison Joy, to Jeffrey and Josephine Chesworth, 1st Cavalry Division.
  • A son, Lakai Roel, to Eric and Latoya Brown, 11th Signal Brigade.

Jan. 11

  • A son, Gabriel, to Caleb and Karen Dayes.

Jan. 12

  • A son, Liam Roy, to Brandon and Beverly Babineau.
  • A son, Ian Hunter, to Ezekiel and Julixa Ramirez, 89th Military Police Brigade.
  • A daughter, Allyse Espen, to Joshua and Hailey McDaniels, 1st Cavalry Division.

Jan. 13

  • A daughter, Vera, to Marek and Eva Skala, Division West.

Jan. 14

  • A daughter, Harper Grace, to Ben and Vedrana Cooper, 1st Cavalry Division.
  • A son, Daylin D’Kerrion, to James Tillman and Shandora Adams, 1st Cavalry Division.
  • A daughter, Aliannah Hope, to David and Amanda Crofutt, 1st Cavalry Division.
  • A daughter, Esabella Rose, to Christopher and Tasha Neil, 1st Cavalry Division.
  • A daughter, Elyssa Grace, to Morgan and Chaela Davis, 1st Cavalry Division.

Jan. 15

  • A son, Braxton Avery, to Taylor and Patience Lewallen, 1st Cavalry Division.
  • A daughter, Shakai Deshay, to Tremayne Steele and Daphne Hatter.
  • A son, Kian Skylar, to Ronald and Cora Beyeler, III Corps.
  • A son, Constantine David, to Justin and Kimberly McCarty, 1st Cavalry Division.

Jan. 16

  • A son, Adler Anthony, to Alec and Brook Lantinen.
  • A daughter, Adaleigh Michelle, to Michael and Amanda McKinley.

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