Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center

Aug. 26

A son, Kurt Patrick, to Ulrich and Renysha Maxam.

Aug. 28

A daughter, Paislee Marie, to Michael and Stacey Grocke, 1st Cavalry Division.

Aug. 30

A son, Teagan Dennis, to Jory and Bevin Gould, 1st Cavalry Division.

A son, Sage William, to Andrew and Czaline Greenwood.

A son, Conner Gene, to Andrew and Robin Piper, 1st Cavalry Division.

Aug. 31

A son, Bryan William Jr., to Bryan and Angela McDaniel, 36th Engineer Brigade.

A son, Major Zion Arnez, to Tavon and Anyan Little.

Sept. 1

A daughter, Ellamaye, to Brad and Brittany McAlister, 1st Cavalry Division.

A son, Michael Antione Jr., to Michael and Ashley Malone, 3rd Cavalry Regiment.

A son, Remington Parker, to Matthew and Casi Gaskin, 1st Cavalry Division.

Sept. 2

A daughter, Joella Lesley, to Keith and Rebekah Sourdif, 1st Cavalry Division.

A son, Nolan Rashaad, to Reandriquez and Kourtney Dukes.

A daughter, Alia Jade, to Joshua and Chelsea Benavides, 1st Cavalry Division.

A daughter, Madison Nichelle, to Reshaude and Jacqueline Foster, 1st Cavalry Division.

A daughter, Athena Nevaeh Sue, to Michael and Victoria Pilson, 3rd Cavalry Regiment.

A son, Samuel, to Juan Gomez and Bianca Ramirez, 1st Cavalry Division.

Sept. 3

A son, Rowen Michael, to Earon and Sarah Lasswell.

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