Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center

Jan. 26

A son, Emry Edwin Cruz, to Edwin Cruz Jr. and Michelle Frausto, Dental Activity.

A daughter, Riley Eden, to Spencer and Rachel Grevious, 1st Cavalry Division.

Jan. 27

A daughter, Addison Marie, to Joseph and Alyssa Butler, 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade.

A daughter, Sofia Elizabeth, to Milton and Elizabeth Ramos, 1st Medical Brigade.

A son, Elijah Khalil, to Kaivashon and Stephanie Homes, of Fort Hood.

Jan. 28

A daughter, Eleanore Louise, to Mark and Ann Born, First Army Division West.

A daughter, Raegan Leigh, to James and Cameron Maxwell, 1st Cavalry Division.

A son, Kayden Javier, to Frank and Trevelyn Beltran Jr., 1st Cavalry Division.

A daughter, Katelynn Marie, to Jeremiah and Jennifer Hall, 3rd Cavalry Regiment.

A son, Jaxon Carter, to Zackery and Angela Thomason, 36th Engineer Brigade.

A daughter, Sariyah Elizabeth-Brice, to Patrick and Brandi Crutchfield, 1st Cavalry Division.

Jan. 29

A daughter, Evelyn Elizabeth, to James and Grace Holland, 1st Cavalry Division.

A daughter, Madyx Marie, to Doolie and Cheyenne Carson, 1st Cavalry Division.

A son, Jaxon Franklin, to Adam and Tiffnie Hacker, 1st Cavalry Division.

Jan. 30

A son, Easton Tyler, to Timothy and Brandi Moore, 13th Sustainment Command.

Jan. 31

A daughter, Colleen Mae, to James and Erica Rajchel, 89th Military Police Brigade.

Feb. 1

A son, Elijah Daniel, to Philip and Cori McGhee, Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center.

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