June 22, 1965: U.S. Air Force jets bombed a military barracks northwest of Hanoi and barely 80 miles from the border of communist China. The raid was the deepest penetration of the war. In the ground war, two U.S. Marines were killed when their Jeep hit a land mine 8.5 miles west of Da Nang.

June 23, 1965: U.S. Navy planes flew deep into North Vietnam and carried out two bombing raids against the Moc Chau army barracks 80 miles southwest of Hanoi. In ground fighting, U.S. planes and South Vietnamese troops killed more than 200 Viet Cong.

June 25, 1965: A military transport carrying 84 people, including 72 Marines believed bound for Vietnam, crashed into a mountainside killing all aboard. The KC135 military jet air transport, similar to the Boeing 707 commercial jetliner, crashed moments after takeoff from El Toro Marine Base, Calif., in one of the worst air disasters in peacetime military aviation. Two terrorist bombs ripped through a floating restaurant on the Saigon River, killing and wounding dozens of diners. A U.S. spokesman said eight Americans were killed.

June 28, 1965: U.S. Air Force Jets filled the skies over five communist North Vietnamese cites with an estimated 2.7 million leaflets accusing the Hanoi regime of bartering rice for Chinese communist guns. In the south, American B27 jet bombers hit a Viet Cong staging area 210 miles southeast of Saigon and killed an estimated 100 Viet Cong.

Source: Herald archives

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