July 15, 1965: Viet Cong guerrillas badly mauled tow large government forces in widely separated attacks today. South Vietnamese government losses were heavy and American military advisers were also killed.

July 16, 1965: South Vietnamese Premier Nguyen Cao Ky today asked Dense Secretary Robert McNamara for enough U.S. combat infantrymen to defeat the Viet Cong and not just contain the communist offensive. The United States already has more than 72,000 troops in South Vietnam and McNamara has hinted at calling up reserves, extending the draft and extending the tour of duty of military men in Saigon to more than double this figure.

July 19, 1965: Communist guerrillas attacking under the cover of a driving rain today killed three American infantrymen at the Bien Hoa air base 15 miles northeast of Saigon. Several U.S. soldiers were wounded in some of the heaviest fighting of the war. One veteran American sergeant who served in World War II compared the fighting to the Battle of the Bulge. Another who fought in Korea said he had never seen anything like the intensity of the communist onslaught.

July 20, 1965: Defense Secretary Robert McNamara ended a five-day tour of Vietnam today with a warning that “in many aspects there has been deterioration” in the U.S.-backed war against the communists. McNamara headed back to Washington with a series of recommendations for further American military involvement in the Vietnam War, although he declined to say whether he would ask for more U.S. troops.

Source: Herald archives

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