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June 4, 1965: Two U.S. Marines were killed and 19 wounded in the Da Nang area in their heaviest day of action since they arrived in March. The Marines killed 19 guerillas and wounded 11.

June 7, 1965: Waves of U.S. and South Vietnamese planes ranged over North Vietnam, bombing and strafing communist military camps, supply depots and communication lines. In ground battles, two U.S. Army advisers were wounded in an operation with South Vietnamese rangers against Viet Cong guerrillas about 70 miles north of Saigon.

June 10, 1965: South Vietnamese government forces recaptured the district town of Dong Xoai, where communist guerillas inflicted heavy losses on American and Vietnamese defenders in a daylong battle. A U.S. Army helicopter exploded in flight over Dong Xoai after being hit by communist ground fire. All seven crewman were presumed dead.

June 14, 1965: U.S. Army paratroopers assembled at an airfield about 20 miles south of the embattled Dong Xoai. The move put American ground forces in an offensive position for the first time in the Vietnam war against the communists. Five days of fighting in the Dong Xoai caused an estimated 2,000 casualties — 1,000 South Vietnamese soldiers and 1,000 communist guerillas. Seven Americans were known dead and 11 others were missing in the fighting. Fifteen Americans had been wounded.

Source: Herald archives

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