The Copperas Cove Rabbit Fest royalty hosts a Sweetheart Tea event to raise awareness and support for soldiers suffering from PTSD.

Kim Stock | Herald

COPPERAS COVE — Coveites basked in luxury while raising awarness for an important cause as they participated in the inaugural Daddy/Mommy & Me Sweetheart Tea held at the Cove Bearables Saturday afternoon.

Proceeds from the event will go to soldiers experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder.

The event was hosted by Ms. Copperas Cove Rabbit Fest Trisha Stutz, a military spouse, who chose PTSD awareness for her platform of service.

“Our soldiers are fighting for us everyday, so it’s what I can do to fight for them and help raise awareness,” Stutz said. “I’m really excited, it’s going to be a lot of fun to see the little girls dressed up and (feeling) special.”

Bearables, located at 209 South Main Street in Cove, partnered with the Rabbit Fest royalty to assist with the event.

The cause is near and dear to the heart of Bearables’ owner B.J. Callaway since her husband served 24 years in the Army. While her husband doesn’t have PTSD, he taught her to relate to the struggles he watched other soldiers go through.

“I think this is amazing. I’ve always been one that likes to help,” Callaway said. “(The soldiers) see so much, but nothing’s ever spoken.”

Three servings of savories, three servings of sweets and three servings of teas were offered to attendees as they enjoyed the formal atmosphere.

The tables were decorated with cloth linens, plate towers, and China teacups and saucers. Stutz gave lessons to guests on etiquette tips and table manners by using interactive exercises and repetitive motion. Amongst the lessons taught was how to bow, curtsey, and the importance of keeping elbows off the table while eating.

Rabbit Fest titleholders were hosts for the event, moving from table to table as they treated each guest like royalty.

As each guest went home, they were given a teacup-shaped cookie, courtesy of Bits n Bites Cake Shop, as a souvenir of a memorable afternoon of luxury.

“I’m pretty impressed by how much work went into something for little girls. The attention to detail is pretty good,” said Sean White, as he passed a plate of appetizers to his daughter Brielle. “It gets us out of the house. She’ll enjoy it.”|254-501-7464

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