Wranglers from the 4th Special Troops Battalion, 4th Sustainment Brigade, competed in the first squad challenge, which took place behind the 4th Sustainment Brigade Headquarters Building last month.

The Squad Challenge consisted of various obstacles to test soldiers’ physical and mental fitness, as well as their ability to work together as a team and conduct basic soldiering skills.

Three companies competed in the challenge, the 502nd Human Resources Company, Headquarters and Headquarters Company and 15th Finance Management Support Unit. Each company had to create a four-soldier team consisting of at least one officer and one female.

The competition started in the morning with a 4-mile ruck march in which team members were not required to stay together, but their times would not stop until all members completed the event.

Upon completion, competitors went straight into the Leader’s Reaction Course — an obstacle course designed to encourage soldiers to work as a team to complete various obstacles which require specific criteria.

Master Sgt. Jesus Lopezfebo, of the battalion, helped coordinate, prepare and score the event for the soldiers.

“Every time you have a team you’re going to see right off the bat who is a leader, and who has that decision making skill. It’s designed to not only test teamwork skills but to help build experience,” Lopezfebo said.

Other events included the air assault obstacle course, a log sit-up challenge, a medical litter carry, tire flips, water jug carries and the ability to use a radio to simulate calling for a medical evacuation.

Sgt. Markeisha Williams competed for the 502nd Human Resources Company and said it was challenging to ensure all members of the team finished, and to think outside the box to complete the various challenges.

“The goal at the end of the day is to just enjoy yourself and have a good time while at work, and we have a lot of new soldiers right now and for them it’s good to see their strengths and weaknesses and to help build them up from it,” Williams said. “The leadership course, though, was definitely one of the most challenging so far.”

First Lt. William Brown, of the battalion, said the event was a great team building experience and each group was highly motivated.

“Each group, as they got further into the day, they grew closer together especially if that group won an event it increased their motivation for the next event,” Brown said.

With all of the points added together, the headquarters company team was declared victorious.

“Events like this build tradition and each unit has different traditions and this is what makes you different from other battalions and we are glad to be the first to do it. This event also brings out a lot of pride,” Brown said.

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