Flu shots

Copperas Cove Independent School District employees wait in line to receive a flu shot during a clinic Friday, Sept. 21, 2018, at the district Training and Services Center.


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KDH I guess factual information that could help VA patients go to the right place for Flu Shots is offensive and therefore not printed. Thanks


Walgreens is supposed to have a agreement with the Veterans Affair concerning Flu shots for VA Patients.
Today I went to the Walgreens on Trimmer Road Killeen, to received My Flu Shot. I was processed to receive My shot, had My receipt and other paperwork the cashier handed after She stated that the long delay was making sure that I was authorized to get the shot and that they (Walgreens( had the correct dosage for My age group.
I was told to wait near some chairs and I would be called soon to receive My shot. After waiting a additional 1/2 hour My wife went back to the counter and asked about the shot. She was informed I was next in line. A few minutes later a Pharmacist tells My wife that this Walgreens doe not have the dosage that I am supposed to receive according to the VA but they have a different distributor that is available but I would be required to pay for it. After almost a hour I left Walgreens without My Flu shot.
I suggest to any Veteran that is on the VA Rolls to verify that this Walgreens has the authorized VA Flu shot and be prepared for a relative period to receive it.

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