Protest at Fort Hood

John Patrick, secretary/treasurer of the Texas American Federation of Labor–Congress of Industrial Organizations, speaks Wednesday, March 20, 2013, during a protest outside Fort Hood’s main gate. Around 100 people participated in the “informational picket” hosted by the American Federation of Government Employees Local 1920.


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Sabot and Heat

This is what you get for voting for Obama. Obama instituted the sequester and the unions he said he would support were campaign promises and nothing else. Congressman Carter has sent 2 proposals to the Senate to end the sequester and the Democratic controlled Senate turned them down and the President said he would veto this legislation. Seems like Dr. Strangelove hit the nail on the head with his post and union members should be asking their Democratic representatives why they are turning their backs on the people that support the President. We already saw in the Presidents 1st term how he fixes problems: Blame Bush. In the Presidents 1st term the President sent his job creation bill to the house and he couldn't get 1 Democrat to vote for it because it was so bad.
I don't feel sorry for union members because before this election President Obama met with the heads of the Unions and promised them if they supported the Affordable Care Act that union members would not have to participate in Obamacare. Reference: Culture of Corruption. After the President Lied in the last debate about Benghazi: I don't believe anything that he says.

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