By Mason W. Canales

Harker Heights Herald

The Harker Heights Walmart is undergoing an eight-week-long facelift on the inside and the outside of the store.

Renovations on the Walmart, 2020 Heights Drive, started on March 20 and the store is anticipating having its re-grand opening on May 20, Store Manager Patrick Starns said.

"It is a very aggressive eight week remodel project, which also employed an extra 95 people to complete the project," he said.

The renovations will represent the latest in Walmarts' store design, stated a news release from Wal-Mart Stores Inc.'s main offices. The new design is based on customer feedback and will feature a clean, open and bright new look in the store with low-profile shelving, bright interior paint scheme and lighting, and easy-to-read signage to help customers find the products they need.

Every department of the store will be updated with all new shelving, signing, flooring and product assortment, the release stated. The store also will feature a new layout designed to make shopping for everyday items easier and faster by aligning the products customers purchase the most.

While the interior of the store will see those changes, departments will not be relocated within the store, Starns said. Customers, however, will find several new additions.

The photo lab will be going to a "site-to-store," which allows customers to order their pictures online, and a fabric section will be reintroduced into the store, he said.

"We are going to (get) fabric back into the store," Starns said. "That will be a new department, that we haven't had for several years."

Other improvements will include fully remodeled men and women's restrooms and extra cash registers at the front of the store.

After the remodel, the color scheme of the store inside and out will been consistent with other newer Walmarts, Starns said.

The store also will be switching to the spark logo.

The construction for remodeling the building will be done overnight as not to interrupt customers shopping experience, he said.

"We want to work as clean as possible so we don't disrupt the area," Starns said.

The Harker Heights Walmart will also take this time to work with their associates so they revamp and enhance customer experience, Starns said.

"We are going to make it the best Walmart around," Starns said.

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