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I love my weather apps

Fall weather has arrived in Harker Heights, and I couldn't be happier. Cool mornings, warm days - it's wonderful!

I'm a weather-aholic. Thanks to my Iphone, I have easy access to multiple weather apps. Three are installed on my phone right now. I check them all daily - and sometimes several times a day. At any given time, I know what the weather forecast is for the next 10 days for Harker Heights, Bedford and Durango, Colorado.

Why Bedford? Well, I grew up in the Mid-Cities of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and lived in Bedford before moving down to this neck of the woods. Plus, my kids and grandbabies make their home there so it's handy for this Nani to know what's going on in the atmosphere. You know, in case there's some terrible or wonderful weather event looming on the horizon that I can warn them about.

And Durango? Well, I used to live there too, and I loved the beautiful weather in those mountains. That's one of the things I miss most about Colorado. Right now, my Durango friends are enjoying days in the 60s and 70s and nights in the 30s and 40s. Glorious! With my weather apps, I know when the snow starts falling (usually sometime in October) and when spring arrives (not soon enough, usually, for the people who live there.) I love it.

As September rolls on, I can tell you that our Texas days and nights will continue to grow cooler and cooler. The 10-day forecast on my weather apps proves it. And soon, we will be welcoming our first freeze.

I hope we get some snow along with it.

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