The 83 garden-style homes at the Enclave at Heights will not have front-entry garage doors dominating the streetscape. Garages will be detached and located in the back of the properties.

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After several trips before the City Council, developer Chris Doose of Austin received the green light Tuesday to move forward with “The Enclave at Heights” subdivision, located behind H-E-B between Indian Trail and Lookout Ridge.

Doose will build 83 single-family, detached garden-style homes, along with business and office space geared toward local investment, instead of the town houses and loft-style apartments in his original plan.

“I’m really excited to roll out this concept in Heights,” Doose said.

Doose said the Home Owners Association-controlled subdivision is the first master-planned community in Heights. It will feature 5-foot-wide tree-lined sidewalks, 22-foot-wide roads, a green belt and a dog park.

The homes will be designed in the Craftsman style, featuring front porches and balconies, low-pitched gable roofs, tapered front columns, multipaned windows and masonry details.

Doose said Craftsman cottages almost always feature a mix of materials where the siding is typically wooden clapboard, though shingled siding also is common, with porch piers and foundations often made of stone.

By changing all the lots to garden homes, front-entry garage doors will not dominate the streetscape. Garages will be located in the back of the properties.

Doose said the homes will cost $150,000 to $200,000, with the more expensive homes overlooking a creek.

The Enclave at Heights will offer six different floor plan designs, for one- and two-story homes, ranging from approximately 900 square feet to 2,500 square feet.

With this development, a very new and different concept for Heights, Doose wanted to split from the local neighborhood trend of big houses, yards and streets, and facilitate a more condensed, walkable, urban-based lifestyle, he said.

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