Open enrollment for the Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce Vision XXI leadership class is underway.

People interested in the class can take advantage of open enrollment through the end of January.

Vision XXI classes will begin in February and meet monthly through September.

“There are several answers we want to know about the applicant’s jobs and to what extent their employers are on board with them investing the amount of time it will take to be a part of the class,” said Gina Pence, membership and events director, about the written questionnaire individuals fill out to enroll in the class.

“We want bosses to know that this is not only an investment in the community, but for their business, as well.”

Dr. Jim Anderson, retired chancellor of Central Texas College, helped create the Vision XXI program.

As chairman of the inaugural 2013 class, he thought the name Vision XXI was most appropriate because it relates to growth into the 21st century.

“Last year was fantastic and that was due to the very strong team that had applied,” Pence said.

“The first class even exceeded my expectations.”

Attorney Jeremy Brewer, representing the Ted Smith Law Group, said he found out, through the 2013 Vision XXI class that Harker Heights is a “fantastic place to live and raise a family” and was “amazed” at what the city and chamber do for its citizens and businesses.

“The activities of the class are not about sitting and listening to speakers,” Pence said.

“There’s lots of interaction.”

For more information, call 254-699-4999 or go to

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