Walking into the Harker Heights bakery, the nose is bombarded by the sweet smell of sugary confections and ears are met by a friendly chorus of “Welcome to Cookie Addiction!”

When the doors to Cookie Addiction first opened in 2007, owner Katherine Robbins began selling cookies from family recipes passed down from her mother.

“The store is based off my mom’s store in California,” Robbins said. “After my husband and I got out of the military ... there weren’t a lot of good jobs when he got back here from Kuwait. Mom wouldn’t send me any cookies, so we decided to open up our own place.”

The Robbins chose Harker Heights because they live in the area and their three children go to nearby school.

“We caught on pretty fast,” Robbins said. “People were skeptical as we were doing construction, because no one had heard of a cookie store other than Great American Cookies but ... with radio and newspaper advertising, it got my name out there really fast.”

Since opening, Robbins responded to customer requests and began making cupcakes and cakes, as well. But cookies are the most popular item.

“Chocolate chip is hands down the best-seller, with Crackle — a brownie dipped in powdered sugar, snickerdoodle or white chocolate macadamia nut coming in second,” said Ashley Robbins, 17-year-old daughter of Katherine Robbins and a Cookie Addiction employee.

Her mother had her own choice for the second most popular cookie.

“Peanut butter chocolate chip has got to be number two,” she said.

Although business slows down in the summer, when people hesitate to take cakes out into the heat, Katherine Robbins expects sales to pick up soon.

“When school starts back up, so do the sales, and it turns into a whole lot of fun again,” she said.

The fun is also felt by the Cookie Addiction staff.

“I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere working here,” said Crystal Vallejo, manager. “We bring happiness to Harker Heights; it’s almost like a bar without alcohol. People come in with a story and we give them a cookie and they feel better.”

On a slow day in late July, customers like Amy Eckrich of Harker Heights steadily trickled in to Cookie Addiction.

“The pecan pie muffins are my favorite,” Eckrich said. “Everything they make here is so good. We’ve gotten the cookie variety platters and everything gets eaten. My family loves them.”

Katherine Robbins now posts the cupcake flavors of the day and other information on the Cookie Addiction Facebook page.

“Watermelon is one that has its own following, so we post the flavors of the day on Facebook and do contests,” she said. “A lot has changed since we started.”

Every day is a learning experience for Robbins, and she urges customers to be patient and share their feedback with her and the staff.

“It feels good to hear and see the responses to the cakes,” Robbins said. “There are a lot of times that I’m so excited to see what people think.”

Cookie Addiction is at 716 Indian Trail, Suite 170, Harker Heights.

Herald/ Kathryn Leisinger

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Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er

Try their Vanilla Strawberry cupcakes...YUMMY!

My only complaint is...they don't make them often enough.

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